Monday, July 5, 2010

Cuervo-Infused Minds Think Alike: A Shakespeare Quickie

After the fireworks ended last night, a few girlfriends and I were out back on the patio slurping the last of the AMERICA flavored Jell-O shots when Husband's Buddy and his Wife came outside to say their goodbyes.

"Friends-," Husband's Buddy began, saluting.

"- Roman Countrymen!" three of us shot back in chorus. I turned to the others.

"Whoa! Did we all just do that? High Fives!"

We slapped hands and burst into giggles. After a few moments, I stuck my palm out.

"No, but seriously, your ears. Give me them."

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Elly Rarg said...

America flavoured jello! What does America taste like, exactly? Sounds awesome!

Midwestern Mama Holly said...


FabuLeslie said...

Ha! Should have said Jinx! Then you would have had a few free cokes outta the deal.

PrettyPrincessXo said...

Lol that's too funny!!

& I hate blowdrying my hair. HATE. I refuse. Lmao. I hope you can give the 'do on my page a try and it works for you!

Junket said... can have my ears anytime you want!

janice said...


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Coco said...

I imagine America tastes sweet and salty at the same a disturbing blend of old man sweat and pixie sticks.